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As they passed through each District and got closer and closer to attending the Capitol for the obligatory “party”, Peeta could not get rid of that nagging, sinking feeling twisting in the pit of his stomach; feeling like he was missing something, like there was more going on around him than he was really being let in on. He already knew that Haymitch seemed to talk more with Katniss than he did him, which was fine. Peeta was used to it and he was doing his job well as far as he was concerned. He’d spoken his parts to each District they’d been through and then surprisingly gotten through a number of conversations with Katniss. Stil, there was something there that he clearly wasn’t in the loop about, and he found out exactly what that was upon stumbling into one of Haymitch’s and Katniss’ conversations. It wasn’t right of him to eavesdrop on a private conversation he supposed, but in after thought that was the last thing that mattered. He remained hidden perfectly well, listening in to the words and when he caught the gist of it - that things were bad, much worse than he figured they were. That President Snow didn’t believe their star crossed lovers act at all, and he tuned out after that as he managed away without getting heard. This was so much worse than he could have anticipated. What would happen if they didn’t manage to push and make President Snow a believer in them? Much worse, there seemed to be.. more there that he hadn’t stuck around for because in a sense he was frustrated. Here he thought that they were doing a wonderful job when in reality, it was all a test that could very easily be failing. Peeta couldn’t understand why neither of them had explained the matter of the situation to him, it wasn’t as though he were a completely useless piece in all of this unable to help the situation at all, and he certainly didn’t like being treated like as much. Still, what could he do? He wanted to storm back out there to Haymitch and to Katniss and demand why he hadn’t been informed of anything and better yet, plan together - as a group - like they were technically supposed to as far as planning went. Instead, he retreatd to his room and took out his frustrations there and tried to come up with a plan, some idea that would really demand attention and make a firm statement to the Capitol, to President Snow, to all of Panem.

Early in the morning next day, when they were due to be at the Capitol for a large party that would be recorded for all of Panem to see, the idea hit him. He’d stayed in his room for most of the night, partially because he was angry and frustrated and confused and upset, and partially because he needed to think of something. He hadn’t bothered to come out for dinner or to see Katniss, which probably struck everyone as odd but nobody had really bothered bugging him about it. Which in a sense was nice, because he needed time to figure something out, and he had. He would propose. In the middle of the floor, middle of the party, and so long as Katniss reciprocated well.. there was no way people could see such an act and think for even a minute that they weren’t seriously in love.. he could press that he wanted it to be special and memorable and wanted everyone to know and everyone would believe him which would excuse doing it at the party. He wanted President Snow to witness it as close to first hand as possible. 

Peeta walked out of his room early, figuring that Katniss would possibly be up and out somewhere because they’d already confirmed how they both suffered from nightmares and the like which meant that a full night’s sleep was always just out of reach. He walked down the hall, checking various compartments, and he finally found her sitting out. Nobody else seemed to be awake yet, or if they were they weren’t up and about, which was perfect. He swallowed down and gathered his courage, considering they’d only have so long before they were whisked away for styling and prepping and all of the other things. So he gathered his courage together and walked over with this plan in mind, walking around from behind where she was sitting with a careful ‘good morning’ though he knew that it wasn’t really particularly good for either of them. He sat down in a seat across from her. “We need to talk Katniss. And hopefully fast.” Considering they only had so much precious time for the business and rush of the day would begin on them. “Haymitch or no Haymitch, since I overheard what you two have been keeping from me last night.” Sure, he just basically exposed the pack that he was eavesdropping in a place that really wasn’t his to eavesdrop, but then again when he was just as involved in this as anyone else, he deserved to know what was going on; even the worst of it. And he had a plan, so hopefully that would make up for the eavesdropping aspect. 

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    Tagging → Katniss Everdeen; Peeta Mellark Time frame→ Afternoon; unknown date Location→ Within the train; later Capitol...